Myths About Leather

Myth: If its not full grain leather, it is not real leather.
Truth: All leather comes from animals. Full grain, corrected grain, and nubuck are all leather and each have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Myth: If its corrected grain leather its cheap and will stretch and sag.
Truth: Corrected grain leather is the most commonly used leather in upholstery and is actually recommended for applications where durability is essential.

Myth: Leather goes brittle and weakens with age.
Truth: Leather outlasts any other upholstery material. It is half again as strong as any other upholstery fabric material – and that’s along the seam lines.

Myth: Leather fades over time.
Truth: Leather finishes are permanent. If treated properly, the colors are absorbed by the hide and will not rub off or fade.

Myth: Natural marks and scars indicate a weak point.
Truth: Testing has proven healed scars and marks are strong, if not stronger than any other point in the leather.

Myth: Leather is hot and sweaty in the summer and cold in the winter.
Truth: It is never hot or cold because it assumes body temperature very rapidly. Leather allows air to move through it so that is said to “breathe”.